03 January 2011

Upgrading Standalone ASM to Oracle Grid Infrastructure Beware Bug 1233183.1!

NOTE: This post originally appeared on the Pythian blog.

The past four days have found me very frustrated and at wits' end while testing upgrades of standalone Oracle Grid Infrastructure (ASM) to on RHEL/OEL 5 VMs. The upgrade would seem to go fine, but after rebooting, I would see ASM and LISTENER running under the old ( grid home directories again.

Looking at /etc/oratab, I saw this:

$ grep -i asm /etc/oratab
+ASM:/u01/app/grid/product/11.2.0/grid_1:N # line added by Agent

grid_1 is the old grid home, I expect to see grid_2. The comment about being added by Agent led me to a path where I eventually took a look at /etc/init.d/ohasd, which is basically the master script that starts everything up. I noticed that this file hadn't been updated as part of the patching, and contained this:

$ grep -i crs_home /etc/init.d/ohasd