01 June 2007

CSALTER requires a clean CSSCAN

Following up to my last post, it turns out that CSALTER requires you to have clean data and produce a clean CSSCAN within 7 days prior to running the character set migration script.

If the CSSCAN isn't clean, you'll get this:
Checking data validility...
Exceptional data found in scanner result

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Checking or Converting phrase did not finish successfully
No database (national) character set will be altered
CSALTER finished unsuccessfully.
So that question has been answered. Now to scrub the application data, as well as the histograms for that data that are in the data dictionary.


  1. Peter Lyons-LewisJuly 19, 2007 at 4:47 AM

    I just stumbled on this post today and I was wondering if you got any further with your conversion from US7ASCII to WE8ISO8859P15?

    I'm in the middle of what sounds to be a similar task right now on a 10.2 database with a US7ASCII character set.

    Initially I was looking at moving to WE8ISO8859P15 but am now also considering WE8MSWIN1252. The vast majority of clients to the database are Windows, and the database itself runs on 64-bit sparc Solaris.



  2. Peter,

    Sorry no updates. The task of scrubbing the data was assigned to developers, and at a very low priority. If things free up for me I'll try to take over that task to move forward with it.

    Rest assured I'll make a follow-up post when things happen!