07 May 2007

Almost Famous

Following up on my earlier problems with Barracuda boxes, one of the sys admins today noted that the upstream "intent" list also includes foxnews.com and verizon.com. The former made me chuckle.

Now my understanding is that (more or less) when Average Joe User flags a message as spam (which can often happen accidentally), that message is sent back upstream, and any unfortunate URLs in that message get broadcast from the mothership to all the Barracuda installs around the globe. As far as I can tell, Barracuda offers no recourse for small victims like myself. Their support forums are dead and useless, and I haven't received a response from their support email.

The harsh thing is that the Intent List gets BLOCKED at the filter. It doesn't get filtered into the recipient's Spam or Junk Mail folder. They simply do not receive it and will have NO idea that mail intended for them is being blocked. Nor did I as the sender get any kind of message that my mail was being blocked, but perhaps GMail hides this. Very frustrating.

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