25 April 2007

seilerwerks.blogspot.com is dead! Long live ora.seiler.us!

OK it's not really dead. I've just set up a CNAME front-end.

It seems that Barracuda installations default to blocking emails with seilerwerks.blogspot.com address mentioned anywhere in them, with an "Intent" classification (which I'm told means that the intent of the website is questionable). This means that ever since I put my blog URL in my email signature, a lot of people have been blissfully unaware of my messages. I've confirmed this with some people whose ISPs or companies use Barracuda.

So rather than NOT shamelessly plug my blog, I've just decided to also plug my vanity and create a seiler.us subdomain. Blogger claims it will redirect the old URL to the new URL, so you shouldn't need to really do anything. I'm not sure if RSS feeds will break though.

Apologies for the inconvenience all around.


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