23 April 2007

All Quiet on die Seilerwerks

Just wanted to drop a short note regarding my prolonged gap in posting. As I stated earlier, I was working all weekend on April 14-15, as well as the night of the 16th, performing RMAN duplications of our production database to new 64-bit hardware on ASM for our new development instances. This should have been a smooth process (which it was when I tested it a month ago), but problems with our disk (which have popped up even since) really made things painful. I'll try to write-up exactly what the problems were if I can pry the details from my SA.

So I just fought to stay sane through the rest of the week, and then my wife and I decided to take an impromptu vacation on Thursday and Friday to get away from it all and have a nice break together as a family. Top that off with a trip to the zoo yesterday, and it was a fun weekend for the kids.

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