07 March 2007

IRC, Italians and Impersonations

Oh, the alliteration! I submit to you, dear reader, this. It is a pastebin of the transcript from #oracle earlier today. For some reason, user "otay" suddenly decided to get vile with me (I'm "rizzo"). He even went so far as to fabricate quotes from me. My favorite is:
[10:59] <otay> <rizzo> excuse me public in channel or i nuke you with my bomber net. NOW.
One giveaway, however, is that I'm a native English speaker. So, when I insult someone, I don't normally do it in the same broken English that our Italian friend otay uses. If you read the full log, you'll see how my #wilug compatriot superdug convinced him to do a "smegcheck" and reboot his machine. He hasn't been seen since!

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