09 March 2007

i r coulton fanboi

My real fans will have noticed Jonathan Coulton's name more than once on my last.fm box to the side of this page. I've become especially drawn to his song "Code Monkey". I suggest you give Jonathan a dollar and download the song and listen to it 8 million times. I also have a deep appreciation for "Re: Your Brains" and you've probably heard his cover of a Mix-A-Lot classic. Jonathan also had a guest appearance on yesterday's The Show. He's also featured in a two-part interview on Merlin Mann's "The Merlin Show".

Out of a frothy mixture of hope and curiosity, I checked out his upcoming shows, and was pleasantly surprised to see Wisconsin listed! But ... PLOVER?!?!?! I only live in Manitowoc and even I think Plover is in the middle of nowhere.

Jonathan reminds me of an ex-coworker Pascal, who has an album out of his own. They both wear glasses and have shaggy hair (well Pascal did when I knew him around 11 years ago). There are some other similarities but I really just wanted to give Pascal a plug since he's a nice guy.

Anyway, I'll leave you with this clip of Jonathan performing the aforementioned Code Monkey. Enjoy.

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