27 June 2006

23 June 2006

Check out my new friend ...

I'm really starting to love myspace. Guess who just made me their friend?

Also Superman is my friend, and Ben Folds. Hopefully they can make it to my 30th birthday bash.

I should make my top 8 purely composed of celebrities. I should also create a group called "Friends of Lipnicki".

14 June 2006

NYTimes World Cup blog has some winners

World Cup ’06 - LIVE NOW: "43 We’ll get back to the question about flags with weapons on them at halftime, but a quick note to an e-mailer named Murphy: No, those are not Ninja stars on the American flag."

Thanks to lt_kije in #madlug again.

buy this for me

Stacked Movie

Delusions of parental grandjeur

I work in and on computers all day in an office. There is really nothing that the outside person, let alone child, would probably find interesting or exciting about it.

For some reason my 3-year-old daughter thinks I work on an airplane in some capacity (hopefully pilot). I have no idea where she got this idea, but I only found out recently that she has been telling people that she knows that I work on an airplane. Now when I come home from work she asks, "How was the airplane, daddy?" I've even told her that I don't work on an airplane, yet she continues to perpetuate this myth. The only time I've even been on an airplane since she was born was when we took her to visit her great-grandparents in Florida, and I certainly wasn't working on anything unless drawing on a doodle-pro counts.

I'm wondering if she actually does know what it is that I do, and is so ashamed of it that she needs to spice it up, a la the character of Max Fischer in "Rushmore", telling people that his father is a neurosurgeon when he is in fact a barber. I can only hope she chooses something equally cool when she gets older. Maybe some kind of spy or a retired professional wrestler or something.

13 June 2006

US administration still dumb as hell

BBC NEWS | Americas | Guantanamo suicides a 'PR move': "A top US official has described the suicides of three detainees at the US base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, as a 'good PR move to draw attention'."

let the stalking begin ...

Yes I've sunken into that final depth of hell from which light itself cannot escape. I have performed a deed so shameful that it is banned in some countries and possibly the South. My friends, I have signed up for a MySpace account.

It is mainly just a tool to reach out to kids from others I know and get them to play Ultimate. Honestly. Sometimes I'll take 5 minutes and read the comments and I get a headache from the way the childrens are talking nowadays. Anyway I think I've already landed one new player so it will have been worth the price right there.

12 June 2006

FootieFox to the rescue

HPI: FootieFox

"This Add-on for Mozilla Firefox brings soccer to your browser. Be up to date with your favorite league just as with many international cups: No matter what you're occupied with at your computer, FootieFox informs you about current matches and every goal scored."

Helps you get through those World Cup cravings. Thanks to lt_kije in #madlug for the tip!

09 June 2006

Brasilian flavor

If you've been entranced by Nike's JogaTV like I have, you'll appreciate joga sounds.

08 June 2006

Summer Blockbuster Preview

Been a while since I gave a personal update for all of my fans. My main focus outside of work and family has been on the Manitowoc Ultimate Frisbee Concern. Progress is slow, and it is directly attributable to poor penetration in the high schools. We have no new kids from Lincoln, and no kids at all from the other two high schools in town. I've been dropping off fliers every month, but nothing works as well as having a student there to bring his/her friends and then they bring more friends and then it all takes off like wildfire. I have re-connected with some "old school" players from 6-7 years ago that are going to play this summer as well. Ultimate is such a fantastic sport that it is really a shame that all these kids are not playing it. Anyway I continue on with high-level organization stuff like networking with other groups, planning events and such. T-shirts and bumper stickers are high on my agenda now.

On the nerd programming front I've recently become indoctrinated into the world of enterprise java programming, aka J2EE. I finally understand all the hype about Enterprise JavaBeans and application servers like JBoss, and only wish I had known them sooner. We're going to be using such things at work to help our legacy system. Personally I wouldn't mind blowing up the old system with dynamite and writing a complete enterprise system from scratch.

On the nerd gaming side I'm entering another month away from World of Warcraft, I'll probably fire it up in July again. Tenderheart must get his dreadsteed! Otherwise I'm not too into games, other than the occasional hour or two of ET. I actually turned down my brother-in-law's invitation for CounterStrike and DiabloII last night to patch a gaim bug. The bug had been annoying me for probably 6 months, and the fix was one line. Besides ET > CS and I think D2 would just bore me to tears after 5 minutes, especially once you've tasted WoW.

Other than that, my immediate family is doing well. Liam is walking with a walker, and climbing up stairs when he sees that the gate is down. Catherine has gone 3 whole days now pooping and peeing on the potty with no accidents (excluding sleep). Jane and I couldn't be more pleased. I think the incentive of Little Mermaid panties did the trick! Wonder who else that works on.

So that concludes my update. I may blog more frequently this summer. In the past I've felt that it was stupid and even pretentious to think that people read this, but oh well.

07 June 2006

If this works, then I can blog from my phone