30 November 2006

It's for the childrens.

Give to Child's Play. One of the noblest causes I can think of.

Here's a recent plea from Gabe:

"If you haven't picked anything up yet please give it some thought. It might just be a couple coloring books or even a package of batteries. Trust me when I tell you that anything, no matter what it is will be very much appreciated by these hospitals. Don't think that just becasue you can't get the kids a PS3 you can't help. Some simple things like Playdough actually need to be thrown away after each use. Certain items that the kids like to play with collect germs and can only be used once. They can never have too many containers of the stuff. Or too many batteries for that matter. Or coloring books or markers. Believe me when I tell you that you could spend five dollars and really make a difference."

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