02 September 2006


At around 10:50 PM Friday night my wife came down and said she heard what must have surely been a very bad car accident. Since I was bored and didn't quite feel like doing the RMAN duplication I was staying up for, I got in the car and looked, eventually finding it 8 blocks away.

Apparently some worthless piece of shit got drunk and decided to burn down Lincoln Boulevard, squealing his tires. Then I can only assume he thought the STOP sign at Waldo Boulevard (a major thoroughfare in Manitowoc) didn't apply to him. So he continued his drag race through the intersection and collided at very high speed with a family in a minivan, visiting from Illinois according to their license plate.

Fortunately everyone in the minivan was wearing seat belts, although the mom was a bit hurt and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The idiot in his compact car was far more hurt, although probably not feeling it due to intoxication. He actually begged one witness not to call the police.

Anyway I had some pleasant conversation with fellow gawkers, meeting some nice people. One of the people was a German man, who told me that in Germany the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.04, compared to our 0.08. And if you do violate that, you will pay dearly. Things get even worse if you injure someone else through your stupidity and selfishness.

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