26 July 2006

Ultimate Coverage

This question has been asked plenty of times on rec.sport.disc, and it's definitely worth asking. Basically, why isn't Ultimate covered on channels like ESPN? Yes it is on CSTV, but no one gets CSTV unless it's a sports bar or some loser who actually orders DirecTV's sports package.

The RSD posters make a point that I definitely think is valid, and that is that ESPN and its siblings show the World Series of Poker and Dominoes championships. And we all know that they showed cheerleading championships opposite Monday Night Football (when it was on a different channel). Friday I saw a commercial on ESPN for the World Series of Darts. DARTS.

I'm ready to kill Joe Six-Pack American if this is honestly what he'd rather be watching than a fast-paced, exciting game like Ultimate at the college or national club level.

Actually, ESPN Classic did have 38 seconds of mocking 80s Ultimate on Cheap Seats. The Sklars are awesome.

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