14 June 2006

Delusions of parental grandjeur

I work in and on computers all day in an office. There is really nothing that the outside person, let alone child, would probably find interesting or exciting about it.

For some reason my 3-year-old daughter thinks I work on an airplane in some capacity (hopefully pilot). I have no idea where she got this idea, but I only found out recently that she has been telling people that she knows that I work on an airplane. Now when I come home from work she asks, "How was the airplane, daddy?" I've even told her that I don't work on an airplane, yet she continues to perpetuate this myth. The only time I've even been on an airplane since she was born was when we took her to visit her great-grandparents in Florida, and I certainly wasn't working on anything unless drawing on a doodle-pro counts.

I'm wondering if she actually does know what it is that I do, and is so ashamed of it that she needs to spice it up, a la the character of Max Fischer in "Rushmore", telling people that his father is a neurosurgeon when he is in fact a barber. I can only hope she chooses something equally cool when she gets older. Maybe some kind of spy or a retired professional wrestler or something.

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