19 January 2006

I Got a Fever

and the only prescription is more .

Well, I should say any Ultimate. Kind of frustrating having to wait out the winter in Wisconsin while some friends in the Bay area in California play year round. Yes there is outdoor winter ultimate in Madison and Milwaukee, but since we couldn't get people to show up in the summer I doubt they'll show up in winter. And I don't think winter ultimate is the best environment for new recruiting.

So I'll sit here and complain while waiting for the temperature to rise. I think if we get two weeks above 40F we can probably call "game on". I've got calls in to various local high school and college administrators who are supportive of the recruiting effort.

FYI I made a new logo for the Manitowoc Ultimate Frisbee Concern, check it out:

MUFC logo

I'll probably throw that on the new flyer design. Perhaps I should seek the approval of the MUFC mailing list members.

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