21 December 2005

It's all about the Hamiltons, baby.

Click this for amazingly awesome clip with Parnell and Andy Samberg.

"You can call us from the way we droppin' Hamiltons" is one of the best lines I've heard ever.

15 December 2005


is the new show from geniuses Ricky Gervais and Stephen "The Oggmonster" Merchant of The Office. Unfortunately, in the US, it's only on HBO2 or something, not on BBCAmerica, so I'll have to play the waiting game.

The site says that Season 1 should be available on the UK Amazon site, but no dice on the US site. QQ

14 December 2005

del.icio.us sucking

Coincidentally since Yahoo's purchase of del.icio.us was announced, the del.icio.us service has been sucking. Today none of my live bookmarks load, and browsing them gives me error pages 4/5 of the time.


13 December 2005

Sam Seder is my hero.

"I'd like to get back to the operational ties between Santa Claus and Al Qaeda."


This whole War on Christmas crap has to end. The Republican party is the biggest bunch of hypocrites in recent history and it's just disgusting to see anyone trying to shill for this nonsense.

update: turns out one of their primary examples is pure fraud. Of course Fox News never let the actual facts deter them from spouting forth crap.

03 December 2005

I Require Requirements

Memo to the peoples:

If you want me to develop a system for you, at least give me an API spec that will do what you need done. It would also help if it took less than 2 weeks to tell me the name and host of the database.

Oh, and up-to-date table descriptions would be nice in the event that I can't connect to the database.

Rating for Gallery2

Yes the rumors are true. I was roped into writing a rating module for Gallery v2. My "project page" can be found here, it's mostly just my notes as I was developing. I'll turn it into a more formal resource for potential users once it's done and merged into the gallery CVS. The code is currently in its second round of code review.

I have to give thanks to Bharat Mediratta (bharat), Alan Harder (mindless), and Andy Staudacher (valiant) for helping me dive in head-first into Gallery2 module development. Also congratulations on a very impressive application framework. I'd definitely look forward to doing more in that environment when time allows.