31 October 2005

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

Yes I have sunk back in. I signed up for another month of World of Warcraft. I've been off for a month, and in that month got jabook out the door. I do have some other projects that need to get done sooner rather than later, so we'll have to see how much I get done.

Anyway I created a Horde char on Shadow Moon, since that is where my brother and his buddies are playing. Watch out for Tenderheart.

29 October 2005

A lovely day ...

... and no ultimate to play. *sigh*

Well there is ultimate in Appleton, a mere hour away, but I'm lucky if I can get away for the two hours we normally play, let alone an extra two for travel.

Here's to hoping we get enough for a game tomorrow at Silver Creek Park.

Update: We didn't. *sigh*

18 October 2005

Jack Thompson is a dillhole.

I hope you've been reading the trials over at PA, in which Jack Thompson thoroughly embarasses himself. The thing is, now we are seeing more and more cases of Jack Thompson harassing people, then accusing those people of harassment when they challenge his accusations.

In this latest episode, he has actually faxed the Seattle police department to arrest Gabe and Tycho, and offers so very little as to why they should do so that I imagine the police were laughing while it came off the fax machine.

This guy is just a jackass of the highest degree.

17 October 2005

jabook 0.1.0 Released

Tonight I've released the initial cut of jabook, a java-based front-end for LDAP addressbooks. I've developed it with non-techie desktop users (like my wife) in mind.


Go forth and spread the word!


12 October 2005

Crony Jobs!

Finally a website where Bush cronies can find meaningful employment!

11 October 2005

Broadcast Flag Bullshit

Write to all of your congressmen/women and stop the broadcast flag bullshit that the MPAA and RIAA dumbasses are trying to ramrod through Congress.

06 October 2005

I'm a freaking Windows developer.

It is a true sign of the apocalypse. I have developed an application that not only has a .exe Windows launcher, I even made a .exe installer for that shit. Granted, it is java, so it isn't ONLY for windows.

I just needed to make a simple way for folks like my low-tech wife to install and launch this app, and NSIS makes that very easy to do. The hack to even build the win32 launcher for java apps is a big load off.

Anyway I have a couple of things to tidy up and a dialog window to finish for the first release. Actually I'll also need some standard documentation on actually setting up an LDAP server with the mozillaOrgPerson schema. (OK so it isn't ALL for low-techies)

Manitowoc Ultimate Frisbee Concern

As part of the new recruitment effort for getting players for ultimate frisbee in the Manitowoc area, I've taken what is hopefully a step forward and started the Manitowoc Ultimate Frisbee Concern. We hope to take under our wing anything and everything having to do with Ultimate in Manitowoc.

We still need contacts at Roncalli and Lutheran!

I've also listed our Sunday games in the pickup page of the UPA site.

03 October 2005

Ultimate Roundup

Well I played like complete crap. I'd like to blame it all on the pretty high cross-wind, so I will. I must have done some quasi-serious damage inside my left shoulder three weeks ago on a failed goal dive, I still can't make touch passes, and I find myself not even trying to throw left-handed backhand anymore and relying solely on my right-handed forehand, which honestly needs more practice. Plus the fact that I rely on a curve/slant in my forehand means that the crosswind took it far away from any possible reasonable destination.

And to make a bad day worse, I forgot my disc at the field, and had to watch the childrens so I couldn't get back to check. BLEARGH.

Anyway hopefully our recruiting efforts pay off and we start seeing some young blood to shape and mold into the ultimate Ultimate machines.

God I wish I could play Ultimate every day.