23 July 2005

T-Minus 7 Days

A quiet Saturday afternoon. Wife and daughter are taking a nap. I actually took some time to respond to some bugs and support requests for phpwsContacts, one of my old modules for phpWebSite. Feel compelled to now that someone donated some money to me for it! I just need to finish building my new dev webserver...

Today marks 7-days-to-go until the due date for our second child. The excitement is mounting, nursery re-done, etc. I held up newborn diapers again today and just couldn't believe that we'll be dealing with one so small again, compared to Catherine.

22 July 2005

Moving Day

So today I moved up a floor in my office building. Got the double-wide cubicle now, very roomy. I already want to turn off the lights over my head.

Reminder that there are only 6 more shopping days until D-Day.

19 July 2005

What's Wrong With Gabon?

Found this while I stumbled upon CardCarryingMember:

Jon Stewart on the Bush Admin attacking Joe Wilson: "Sad to see the administration powerless in the face of the overwhelming force that is the former Ambassador to Gabon"

I can only go so long without posting something about the Bush Misadministration.

12 July 2005


While making what I must confess was a nice sliding catch for a goal in Sunday's Ultimate match, I managed to take off a nice 6-inch by 2-inch strip of skin from my leg. I didn't notice until after the match, and now it hurts like a bear. The only thing worse is removing the supposedly non-stick pads that do indeed stick and take off what is probably healing skin with it.

Still totally worth it. Even though my wife seems to think it happened because at the ripe old age of 28 I shouldn't be playing such games. As if after 27 years the human skin becomes a fragile layer that could just fall off if you ask for it.

Well I turn 29 in 16 days, perhaps I should invest in a large bubble to live in.

08 July 2005


My good friend C.J., a huge fan of electronica and Nine Inch Nails in particular, has introduced me to the world of mashups. Basically a mashup is where a DJ blends two songs together that you wouldn't think belong together. At first I had a pretty sloppy mix of NIN's "Closer" with Spice Girls "Wannabee". Then he pointed me to two EXCELLENT mixes. The first was DJ Zebra's Come Closer, a mix of The Beatles' "Come Together" and NIN's "Closer". The second was a mix of Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters" and NIN's "The Hand That Feeds", entitled "The Ghost That Feeds", mirrors for which can be found here.

It seems NIN is a popular source for such endeavors since Trent Reznor released the source material for a lot of their tracks.

05 July 2005

Wal-Mart Eats Ass

Those who know me know of my hatred for the Wal-Marts. The hatred is two-fold.

First there is the business practices. Wal-Mart puts on this all-American show, but it is basically the corporate arm of China. I have nothing against China, but the effort that Wal-Mart puts into not buying American goods or labor makes it wholly hypocritical.

The second front I guess could be tied to their business practices in that Wal-Mart caters to the lowest common denominator. These people are trash in its basest form. These people are your stereotypical red-neck trailer trash. And what irks me most is that they leave their damned shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot.

Of course the only reason I know this is that my wife makes me go there with her, and I have to use a hard loofa to clean the dirty feeling away afterward.

That segues to the real meat of my sordid tale. This past weekend we were there and my daughter clung to the new Mulan DVD, so we had to get it, and while walking along some country-western CDs the metal rack snagged my wife's pants and tore a small dime-sized hole in them. This snag also nearly sent my 8-months-pregnant wife falling forward. She luckily caught herself, and was pretty upset at a favorite pair of pants being torn.

So after checking out, we decided to report the rack to customer service, not wanting anything really. The customer service gal called over an assistant manager named Julie. Julie spoke what I assume to be some form of grunted-English and in a flippant manner offered us a $10 gift certificate. We turned her down, indicating we just wanted to report a possible danger to other customers. I personally walked her across the store to point out how it could happen on ANY of the CD racks they use. She sort of nodded her acknowledgement and I told her I understand that she can't just replace every rack in every Wal-Mart but at least they know that these things can happen, and if my very-pregnant wife HAD fallen, things would look much worse.

Her attitude told me that she thought we somehow made the scenario up to get her precious $10 gift certificate, so my wife and I cheerfully bid her farewell, declining the certificate again. I only hope my wife soon learns of the evilness of the store, despite their cheap Chinese diapers.

On a side note, I just recently noticed that the apple juice my wife buys from Aldi is made from concentrate from China. I'm not sure on what level that disturbs me.

02 July 2005

Wiki A Go-Go

The new SeilerWiki is up. Right now it is pretty pointless. That probably won't ever change, but who knows.


Blog Dramas

Welcome to SP2 of my Uberblog XP. My man Wendall and I set up b2evolution (and mediawiki) on our webhost so I just decided to use it. Nothing against Blogger at all.

So I spent today (my first full day back after a weeklong vacation in HELL) importing blog entries and will redoing my old phpWebSite-based site into a mediawiki site. I'm sure all 3 visitor to my sites (that total includes myself) will enjoy.