13 May 2005

Dear User ...

I'm writing this to prevent matters from boiling deep inside my being and pushing my already-high blood pressure to mortal levels.

When an emerge starts beeping at you, it might be best to heed the advice on the screen at the time. You might see something like this:

* If you experience problems with gaim, file them as bugs with
* Gentoo's bugzilla, http://bugs.gentoo.org. DO NOT report them
* as bugs with gaim's sourceforge tracker, and by all means DO NOT
* seek help in #gaim.

It might be just me, but when I read something like that, I would probably make an effort to see if my bug exists in http://bugs.gentoo.org. If I were really smart, I might search further in http://gaim.sf.net bugs. I probably wouldn't hop right into #gaim and start blabbing about how gaim fails to build, only to be told that the problem is known and addressed in a bug at http://bugs.gentoo.org.

I have explained many times both on IRC and in the forums why it is that you shouldn't go directly upstream. Believe me, I was once like you. I would hop into #gaim and have at them with any question, assuming they should support their product no matter what. Then I started just hanging out in there and observing the idiocy of most of the people just joining the channel on a whim without doing the least bit of investigation on their own parts. I was, at first, quick to defend Gentoo as there seemed to be an even distribution of distro users amongst this horde. However I then saw what makes a lot of people hate Gentoo users: the bat-shit insane CFLAGS settings. I don't even deal with that crap anymore and gaim filters pretty much every flag it can. This is still a problem if a dependency is built with them that I don't maintain, like GTK+.

So, honestly, wake the hell up. I love to help those who try to help themselves first. And I can tell when you lie and say that you read this or that note or HOWTO or FAQ. If you had read it, you wouldn't still have questions. Stop lying, start reading, and both our problems would be solved.