06 April 2005

I am rizzo. King of Kings, Look on my Works ye Mighty, and despair!

hullo. finally got my gentoo blog set up. Thanks to dsd. I do have my personal blog, but that is filled with political/goofy crap that I'm told isn't desirable here.

Anyway I'm most notorious for maintaining gaim and its various plugins for Gentoo. Many of you have enjoyed my warning about where to seek help in the gaim emerge message. Many of you ignore it anyway and have suffered my wrath in #gaim.

I also take an interest in some database tools, being an Oracle DBA by day. I maintain dev-db/tora to that effect. I think I still have some responsibility for the oracle instantclient packages, but I don't have an environment to test them on (yet) so they may have falled into disrepair.

I also maintain a few other odds-and-ends, like my own dubya fortune-mod and some apps that I've found useful here and there.

Well that is my blog introduction. In future posts I hope to share with you my hatred of users in general and my love of free macmini offers.