03 October 2005

Ultimate Roundup

Well I played like complete crap. I'd like to blame it all on the pretty high cross-wind, so I will. I must have done some quasi-serious damage inside my left shoulder three weeks ago on a failed goal dive, I still can't make touch passes, and I find myself not even trying to throw left-handed backhand anymore and relying solely on my right-handed forehand, which honestly needs more practice. Plus the fact that I rely on a curve/slant in my forehand means that the crosswind took it far away from any possible reasonable destination.

And to make a bad day worse, I forgot my disc at the field, and had to watch the childrens so I couldn't get back to check. BLEARGH.

Anyway hopefully our recruiting efforts pay off and we start seeing some young blood to shape and mold into the ultimate Ultimate machines.

God I wish I could play Ultimate every day.

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