02 September 2005

i r teh WoW nub

So last night my paladin joined a crew for a run through the Deadmines, a rather treacherous area in World of Warcraft. Being only level 17, I was advised to stay in the back of the pack. Also my primary role in the party was as a healer and resurrector anyway. Staying in the back was not only for my own saftey, but as I learned, for the safety of my colleagues.

So as my colleagues were battling a single evil guy along the side of some pirate ship, I thought I'd step up and swing my axe a couple of times. As soon as I took one step too close to the ship, about 5 more pirates lept over the side, and within one minute my entire party was dead. I can't tell you what was said to me because WoW has a curse filter on. But there was a LOT of it and they pretty much left the party right away.

It turns out that the lower level you are, you tend to draw higher level aggros from further away, or something like that. Even though my brother explained this too me, I didn't fully appreciate it until it was too late.

So I apologize for ruining what had been a pretty smooth and successful Deadmines run up until that point. Lesson learned, nub healers stay back! My one regret now is not taking screenshots of it all. The swift massacre of our entire party was comical to behold, had it not wiped out over an hour of grinding through the tunnels.

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