01 September 2005

The Commercing

Here ye shall find my initial blog post for the latest project I've signed onto, phpwsCommerce. This project has a pretty star-studded line-up of phpWebSite developers, so I'm really excited about jumping back into the phpWebSite world after my java-based hiatus. Of course I leave 2 unfinished java/swing apps languishing. I shall return, my children!

Anyway I've been brainstorming ideas off-and-on today in the top-sekrits developer wiki section. Just trying to get down my ideas of what this cart app will be responsible for. Wendall has been talking up some AJAX love, which is something I've enjoyed as a user, but haven't had any experience with on the development side.

I'm also accepting paypal donations to cover my WoW-related expenses ;)

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