26 August 2005

Suppor Our Ribbons

The problem I have with everyone in America (at least the parts of America that I see, being the tract of land from De Pere to Manitowoc, Wisconsin) sporting those yellow "Support Our Troops" ribbon magnets, is the thought that they somehow feel the need to display those. As if they are trying to guilt ME into running out and buying a ribbon magnet or the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities will bust in my door.

Similarly with all the cars and trucks that have some sort of American flag decal or another. As if I thought I was driving around in Belgium or something. Thanks for reminding me that my car is still in America.

Anyway I've finally found the answer to the ribbon war, and it is Support Our Ribbons, with my personal favorite:

I Support More Troops Than You

They let you create your own as well, and be sure to check out the forums for some tasty user creations, including my #2 favorite:

Freedom Isn't Fries

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