22 August 2005

Sliding Robots

Due to the recent birth of my son, I've had to move some furniture around to make it easier for my wife to feed him in our bedroom by bringing in a big comfy chair. Part of this involved moving a heavy dresser, a task made easy thanks the (trumpet fanfare) SLIDING ROBOTS. What are sliding robots, you ask? They were a gift from the Menards chain of stores where they just print off gift postcards on birthdates of customers who sign up for their marketroid madness. I got a crappy claw grabbing arm that can't really carry any significant weight or squeeze tightly. My wife got the Sliding Robots. Now when I saw the title, I was kind of excitied, then I saw them.

They basically plastic discs with foam. Now they work wonderfully for the task of moving things and I appreciate them a great deal. However, there is nothing "robotic" about them. I think of robots as something with moving parts, requiring electricity, etc. You know, something like this. I've seen these same items also packaged with truthful labels like "Furniture Sliders" and such. Why not just leave it at that?

Of course why am I complaining about a free gift? I should head over to Menards now and get my free battery sorter/tester.

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