15 August 2005

The LDAPification Continues ...

So I have my internal LDAP addressbook set up, using the latest mozillaOrgPerson schema. I'm currently using phpLDAPAdmin for administration, but this is bit clumsy, especially for editing existing entries. What I really want is a front-end that basically makes you believe you are editing an addressbook, not some generic directory protocol entry.

There are a handful of items out there, a lot of them seem unsupported or just as clumsy. Personally I'm not interested in a web-app for the job. I want to quick app my wife can launch and add/edit to her heart's content. I've come to the decision of writing basically a front-end for the mozillaOrgPerson schema of an LDAP server. I was going to try writing it in Perl::Tk but I think using Java Swing will make more sense since a) most people have a JRE installed on their desktops already and b) I'm more familiar with Swing already from my (unfinished) work on jorad.

Update: It has begun.

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