31 August 2005


Today the price of 87-octane unleaded gasoline (the cheapest variety of gasoline) in my area hit $3.00 per gallon (actually $2.999, fwiw). My daily drive to work now costs $7.73 round-trip. And that is in a Hyundai Accent that gets (supposedly) 33 miles per gallon. I have no sympathy for any jackass that bought any kind of truck in the last 4 years. Anyone with half a brain could have seen this coming.

People: STOP BUYING STUPID CARS AND TRUCKS. Tell the auto-makers that you actually want something that doesn't waste precious fuel. It's no longer a 'fringe' concern only for environmentalists or those of us who don't feel like sending money to a country that we are slaves to (yes, Saudi Arabia OWNS the US). Now you can be your dumb, fat, lazy American selves and STILL demand a smarter car. Get busy.

Auto-makers: (In particlar, American auto-makers like Ford, Chevrolet, etc) Where are the damned hybrids and diesels? Ford makes diesel cars for the UK, getting around 42 miles per gallon. And, no, hybrid SUVs getting 30 miles per gallon is not good. I'll gladly get a Volkswagen Golf TDI or Toyota Prius than buy an American car that isn't getting the mileage I want, and personally I hope a lot more people do, too.

The Toyota Prius has to be one of the smartest damned cars out there. The price for a new one is a bit steep, but it's definitely worth it if you can swing it.

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