08 July 2005


My good friend C.J., a huge fan of electronica and Nine Inch Nails in particular, has introduced me to the world of mashups. Basically a mashup is where a DJ blends two songs together that you wouldn't think belong together. At first I had a pretty sloppy mix of NIN's "Closer" with Spice Girls "Wannabee". Then he pointed me to two EXCELLENT mixes. The first was DJ Zebra's Come Closer, a mix of The Beatles' "Come Together" and NIN's "Closer". The second was a mix of Ray Parker Jr's "Ghostbusters" and NIN's "The Hand That Feeds", entitled "The Ghost That Feeds", mirrors for which can be found here.

It seems NIN is a popular source for such endeavors since Trent Reznor released the source material for a lot of their tracks.

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