18 June 2005

X to tha P

I'm writing curled up in the fetal position in front of machine running WindowsXP. OK so it's not the end of the world, but it is definitely a different world. Bear in mind that I haven't had to use a Windows desktop for over 5 years. In that time I've become a hotkey junky from my years spent using icewm and fluxbox. Someone in #vim recommended autohotkey, which seems to be making the transition considerably less painful, but I'm still having to use the touchpad more than I'd like to.

I do have cygwin installed, but I'm trying to make use of actual Windows apps. GVim counts. I'm using Mozilla Thunderbird, and the change from mutt is hurting the most. mutt just rocks. Obviously Firefox goes both ways and my del.icio.us bookmarks keep everything in place.

At least I'll be able to hook into the corporate MS Exchange environment to the fullest. OWA on Firefox is intentionally crippled by Microsoft, and Evolution just SUCKS. Plus all my study guides come with practice exams that, for whatever reason, are Windows executables. Anyway feel free to troll about how I'm whining after getting a new HP laptop, although I do need DVD playback software. QQ

Also, if anyone can explain why I can't connect to IRC servers, I'll ... do ... something. My IRC client (silverex's xchat build) fails, and even telnetting to the server on port 6667 fails. I've tried both with and without Windows Firewall running, and firewall has a full exception on xchat. From my linux desktop and laptop on the same network, I can use IRC clients and telnet to the same server and port just fine. That is the biggest GRRR for me right now.

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