03 June 2005

Hopefully Certifiable

I've decided to knuckle down and begin studying for OCA certification. I've already read through one study guide for the 9i SQL, I plan to re-read it and then go through the official Oracle University self-study CD as well, after I finish my current reading. Sadly I thought I knew a lot of SQL before, but studying for this exam has shown me how little I knew (I scored 35% on the self-assessment test before I started reading the guide). Some of the stuff I can't imagine ever getting a handle on, mostly the *_POP and *_SAMP functions. Guess that means I know what to study hardest on.

My hope is to get the OCA within a year, then get the OCP within 1-2 years after. Perhaps that is a little too aggressive and not too realistic. Of course I can't say how much longer Oracle 9i will be supported, so the sooner I finish, the better.

Someday I may just hold a tiny fraction of what the man knows.

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