04 June 2005

Gentoo Retirement

With the goal of purging myself of a great deal of extra crap in my life, I've announced my retirement from Gentoo Linux. I should say I was mostly motivated to free up some time. A fair bit of my gentoo core list email has been about stuff that I really didn't want to have to see when I started up 2-3 years ago. Political and bureaucratic crap. Developer in-fighting, name-calling, that type of thing. Honestly I can't say I was too overwhelmed since I've been pretty much deleting most of gentoo list email without even reading it for the past 5 months.

And don't get me started on having to support clueless users. I actually agree with a lot of the criticisms those in the linux community hurl at Gentoo users. Stuff like this. Some of the bugs that have been filed my way just contain crazy, insane, why-would-you-do-that type of compiler flags. I mean it's like these people searched the gcc documentation to find the most obscure flags possible to have for some kind of "obscure CFLAGS pissing contest." But I digress.

So I hope to be done for good by the end of July, right around the due date for our second baby. I'll still run Gentoo, but hope to actually gain some marketable skills and install RedHat or at least FC somewhere.

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