12 June 2005

Back From the D.C.

Yes. Door County, the "thumb" of Wisconsin. Attended a wedding of one of my wife's old friends from our days in Madison. Pretty nice resort that we stayed in, the drive up and back was pretty boring, as is most driving in eastern Wisconsin.

At the reception I overhead one lady, obviously not from the midwest, remarking with great awe at "how clean it is" in Wisconsin, and how clean our air is. Pretty sad where she must come from. Then she asked if the whole state is flat, like her drive. Always encouraging to hear.

Also these losers on the table next to us just could NOT shut up about how Team America is the greatest movie EVAR. Jane and I both liked that movie, but these people seemed to treat the movie as an adaption of holy texts, reciting almost every single line and singing every song from the film. It reminded me of an article from The Onion where a guy pieces together the plot of Napoleon Dynamite just from hearing his friends talk about it over and over.

Anyway congratulations to Abby and Chris, and thanks for inviting us. Plus my daughter was cute as hell in her little dress. GRRL POWR!

Plus, on the drive home I got to enjoy a rare listening of This American Life on WPR and heard a great story about a brother and sister who basically made up a family to babysit for just to get away from their awful mother. You'll have to listen, although nothing still tops the "little mermaid voice-mail" story.

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