22 June 2005

5 Days

That is how long I've had this Windows XP laptop. That is how long I've had it before it went into its current state of giving me the BSOD and only letting me boot into Safe Mode. The blue screen is only up for a second so I had to let it BSOD 4 times before getting the (hopefully) important parts of the error. One part is DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and the other is usbuhci.sys. I'm googling around and trying different solutions (including replacing with the file from sp2.cab), nothing working so far.

Good job, Microsoft!

Update 23 Jun 2005

The issue was some serious confusion XP had in dealing with the fact that, at work, I use a docking station with a USB mouse. At home, I don't. This morning it would boot fine with a USB mouse plugged in. Eventually my main man Alan O. deleted some hidden HID and Mouse devices and it has passed several reboots both with and without USB mouse. *crosses fingers*

Update 2 July 2005

I would be remiss in my duties if I didn't report that I still occassionally get this BSOD, although I can usually reboot and it will be fine after. I have taken the extra precaution of packing a USB mouse with me just in case it refuses to boot otherwise.

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